Pointer Training Advice – Introduction

If you own a Pointer, you’re already aware of how truly extraordinary these beautiful dogs can be. You know that as a general rule, Pointers are affectionate, exuberant, athletic, dignified, loyal and highly trainable. However, knowing those general characteristics of Pointers probably won’t stop you from having questions about training Pointers or your particular dog’s behavior. And if you don’t own a Pointer but you’re thinking about getting one of these superb dogs, you’ll definitely have some questions. This website should be the first resource you consult for information about Pointer training, Pointer behavior issues and other matters relating to this admirable breed of dogs, because we have the answers to your questions.

At least some of you might think Pointer dog training could present a challenge. After all, Pointers are fairly large, weighing up to 75 pounds or so, and their background as hunting dogs means they require a good bit of daily exercise. But they’re also very even-tempered, good with children, and gentle, with very few natural tendencies toward aggression. Any challenges you might experience during training will be well worth overcoming, because a well-trained Pointer is a tolerant, affectionate dog that will give you very few problems.

We firmly believe Pointers are among the noblest of the world’s dogs, but we also believe all dogs, whether they’re Pointers or not, should be treated with kindness, respect, patience and consistency. As you read some of the information we’re sharing on this site, you’ll discover that our approach to training Pointers is a gentle one. Our training philosophy emphasizes the value of positive reinforcement, patience and affection rather than relying on force or harsh discipline. In fact, we believe brute force and harsh treatment are always inappropriate. Dogs are living creatures with feelings and emotions, and we believe they should always be treated accordingly.

Have a look around, because the information we provide can be applied equally to English Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers. Our articles will take you down the path toward owning a well-trained and happy, well-adjusted Pointer. We begin at the beginning, by teaching you how to introduce a new Pointer into your home, but we also give you a wealth of information on issues relating to Pointer dog training, including training Pointer puppiesPointer crate training, basic Pointer obedience training and Pointer clicker training. You’ll even be able to take advantage of our top Pointer training tips.